GeoAug: Data Augmentation for Few-Shot NeRF with Geometry Constraints

Di Chen, Yu Liu, Lianghua Huang, Bin Wang, Pan Pan ;


"Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) show remarkable ability to render novel views of a certain scene by learning an implicit volumetric representation with only posed RGB images. Despite its impressiveness and simplicity, NeRF usually converges to sub-optimal solutions with incorrect geometries given few training images. We hereby present GeoAug: a data augmentation method for NeRF, which enriches training data based on multi-view geometric constraint. GeoAug provides random artificial (novel pose, RGB image) pairs for training, where the RGB image is from a nearby training view. The rendering of a novel pose is warped to the nearby training view with depth map and relative pose to match the RGB image supervision. Our method reduces the risk of over-fitting by introducing more data during training, while also provides additional implicit supervision for depth maps. In experiments, our method significantly boosts the performance of neural radiance fields conditioned on few training views."

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