Shape Matters: Deformable Patch Attack

Zhaoyu Chen, Bo Li, Shuang Wu, Jianghe Xu, Shouhong Ding, Wenqiang Zhang ;


"Though deep neural networks (DNNs) have demonstrated excellent performance in computer vision, they are susceptible and vulnerable to carefully crafted adversarial examples which can mislead DNNs to incorrect outputs. Patch attack is one of the most threatening forms, which has the potential to threaten the security of real-world systems. Previous work always assumes patches to have fixed shapes, such as circles or rectangles, and it does not consider the shape of patches as a factor in patch attacks. To explore this issue, we propose a novel Deformable Patch Representation (DPR) that can harness the geometric structure of triangles to support the differentiable mapping between contour modeling and masks. Moreover, we introduce a joint optimization algorithm, named Deformable Adversarial Patch (DAPatch), which allows simultaneous and efficient optimization of shape and texture to enhance attack performance. We show that even with a small area, a particular shape can improve attack performance. Therefore, DAPatch achieves state-of-the-art attack performance by deforming shapes on GTSRB and ILSVRC2012 across various network architectures, and the generated patches can be threatening in the real world."

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