Open-World Semantic Segmentation for LIDAR Point Clouds

Jun Cen, Peng Yun, Shiwei Zhang, Junhao Cai, Di Luan, Mingqian Tang, Ming Liu, Michael Yu Wang ;


"Classical LIDAR semantic segmentation is not robust for real-world applications, e.g., autonomous driving, since it is closed-set and static. The closed-set network is only able to output labels of trained classes, even for objects never seen before, while a static network cannot update its knowledge base according to what it has seen. Therefore, we propose the open-world semantic segmentation task for LIDAR point clouds, which aims to 1) identify both old and novel classes using open-set semantic segmentation, and 2) gradually incorporate novel objects into the existing knowledge base using incremental learning without forgetting old classes. We propose a REdundAncy cLassifier (REAL) framework to provide a general architecture for both open-set semantic segmentation and incremental learning. The experimental results show that REAL can achieves state-of-the-art performance in the open-set semantic segmentation task on the SemanticKITTI and nuScenes datasets, and alleviate the catastrophic forgetting with a large margin during incremental learning."

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