Cross-Domain Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation

Shuo Lei, Xuchao Zhang, Jianfeng He, Fanglan Chen, Bowen Du, Chang-Tien Lu ;


"Few-shot semantic segmentation aims at learning to segment a novel object class with only a few annotated examples. Most existing methods consider a setting where base classes are sampled from the same domain as the novel classes. However, in many applications, collecting sufficient training data for meta-learning is infeasible or impossible. In this paper, we extend few-shot semantic segmentation to a new task, called Cross-Domain Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation (CD-FSS), which aims to generalize the meta-knowledge from domains with sufficient training labels to low-resource domains. Moreover, a new benchmark for the CD-FSS task is established and characterized by a task difficulty measurement. We evaluate both representative few-shot segmentation methods and transfer learning based methods on the proposed benchmark and find that current few-shot segmentation methods fail to address CD-FSS. To tackle the challenging CD-FSS problem, we propose a novel Pyramid-Anchor-Transformation based few-shot segmentation network (PATNet), in which domain-specific features are transformed into domain-agnostic ones for downstream segmentation modules to fast adapt to unseen domains. Our model outperforms the state-of-the-art few-shot segmentation method in CD-FSS by 8.49% and 10.61% average accuracies in 1-shot and 5-shot, respectively."

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