AutoTransition: Learning to Recommend Video Transition Effects

Yaojie Shen, Libo Zhang, Kai Xu, Xiaojie Jin ;


"Video transition effects are widely used in video editing to connect shots for creating cohesive and visually appealing videos. However, it is challenging for non-professionals to choose best transitions due to the lack of cinematographic knowledge and design skills. In this paper, we present the premier work on performing automatic video transitions recommendation (VTR): given a sequence of raw video shots and companion audio, recommend video transitions for each pair of neighboring shots. To solve this task, we collect a large-scale video transition dataset using publicly available video templates on editing softwares. Then we formulate VTR as a multi-modal retrieval problem from vision/audio to video transitions and propose a novel multi-modal matching framework which consists of two parts. First we learn the embedding of video transitions through a video transition classification task. Then we propose a model to learn the matching correspondence from vision/audio inputs to video transitions. Specifically, the proposed model employs a multi-modal transformer to fuse vision and audio information, as well as capture the context cues in sequential transition outputs. Through both quantitative and qualitative experiments, we clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our method. Notably, in the comprehensive user study, our method receives comparable scores compared with professional editors while improving the video editing efficiency by 300x. We hope our work serves to inspire other researchers to work on this new task. The dataset and codes are public at"

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