DH-AUG: DH Forward Kinematics Model Driven Augmentation for 3D Human Pose Estimation

Linzhi Huang, Jiahao Liang, Weihong Deng ;


"Due to the lack of diversity of datasets, the generalization ability of the pose estimator is poor. To solve this problem, we propose a pose augmentation solution via DH forward kinematics model, which we call DH-AUG. We observe that the previous work is all based on single-frame pose augmentation, if it is directly applied to video pose estimator, there will be several previously ignored problems: (i) angle ambiguity in bone rotation (multiple solutions); (ii) the generated skeleton video lacks movement continuity. To solve these problems, we propose a special generator based on DH forward kinematics model, which is called DH-generator. Extensive experiments demonstrate that DH-AUG can greatly increase the generalization ability of the video pose estimator. In addition, when applied to a single-frame 3D pose estimator, our method outperforms the previous best pose augmentation method. The source code has been released at https://github.com/hlz0606/DH-AUG-DH-Forward-Kinematics-Model-Driven-Augmentation-for-3D-Human-Pose-Estimation."

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