OneFace: One Threshold for All

Jiaheng Liu, Zhipeng Yu, Haoyu Qin, Yichao Wu, Ding Liang, Gangming Zhao, Ke Xu ;


"Face recognition (FR) has witnessed remarkable progress with the surge of deep learning. Current FR evaluation protocols usually adopt different thresholds to calculate the True Accept Rate (TAR) under a pre-defined False Accept Rate (FAR) for different datasets. How- ever, in practice, when the FR model is deployed on industry systems (e.g., hardware devices), only one fixed threshold is adopted for all scenarios to distinguish whether a face image pair belongs to the same identity. Therefore, current evaluation protocols using different thresholds for different datasets are not fully compatible with the practical evaluation scenarios with one fixed threshold, and it is critical to measure the performance of FR models by using one threshold for all datasets. In this paper, we rethink the limitations of existing evaluation protocols for FR and propose to evaluate the performance of FR models from a new perspective. Specifically, in our OneFace, we first propose the One- Threshold-for-All (OTA) evaluation protocol for FR, which utilizes one fixed threshold called as Calibration Threshold to measure the performance on different datasets. Then, to improve the performance of FR models under the OTA protocol, we propose the Threshold Consistency Penalty (TCP) to improve the consistency of the thresholds among multiple domains, which includes Implicit Domain Division (IDD) as well as Calibration and Domain Thresholds Estimation (CDTE). Extensive experimental results on multiple benchmark datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed method for FR."

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