InAction: Interpretable Action Decision Making for Autonomous Driving

Taotao Jing, Haifeng Xia, Renran Tian, Haoran Ding, Xiao Luo, Joshua Domeyer, Rini Sherony, Zhengming Ding ;


"Autonomous driving has attracted interest for interpretable action decision models that mimic human cognition. Existing interpretable autonomous driving models explore static human explanations, which ignore the implicit visual semantics that are not explicitly annotated or even consistent across annotators. In this paper, we propose a novel Interpretable Action decision making (InAction) model to provide an enriched explanation from both explicit human annotation and implicit visual semantics. First, a proposed visual-semantic module captures the region-based action-inducing components from the visual inputs, which learns the implicit visual semantics to provide a human-understandable explanation in action decision making. Second, an explicit reasoning module is developed by incorporating global visual features and action-inducing visual semantics, which aims to jointly align the human-annotated explanation and action decision making. Experimental results on two autonomous driving benchmarks demonstrate the effectiveness of our InAction model for explaining both implicitly and explicitly by comparing it to existing interpretable autonomous driving models."

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