Tracking Objects As Pixel-Wise Distributions

Zelin Zhao, Ze Wu, Yueqing Zhuang, Boxun Li, Jiaya Jia ;


"Multi-object tracking (MOT) requires detecting and associating objects through frames. Unlike tracking via detected bounding boxes or center points, we propose tracking objects as pixel-wise distributions. We instantiate this idea on a transformer-based architecture named P3AFormer, with pixel-wise propagation, prediction, and association. P3AFormer propagates pixel-wise features guided by flow information to pass messages between frames. Further, P3AFormer adopts a meta-architecture to produce multi-scale object feature maps. During inference, a pixel-wise association procedure is proposed to recover object connections through frames based on the pixel-wise prediction. P3AFormer yields 81.2\% in terms of MOTA on the MOT17 benchmark -- highest among all transformer networks to reach 80\% MOTA in literature. P3AFormer also outperforms state-of-the-arts on the MOT20 and KITTI benchmarks. The code is at"

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