CMT: Context-Matching-Guided Transformer for 3D Tracking in Point Clouds

Zhiyang Guo, Yunyao Mao, Wengang Zhou, Min Wang, Houqiang Li ;


"How to effectively match the target template features with the search area is the core problem in point-cloud-based 3D single object tracking. However, in the literature, most of the methods focus on devising sophisticated matching modules at point-level, while overlooking the rich spatial context information of points. To this end, we propose Context-Matching-Guided Transformer (CMT), a Siamese tracking paradigm for 3D single object tracking. In this work, we first leverage the local distribution of points to construct a horizontally rotation-invariant contextual descriptor for both the template and the search area. Then, a novel matching strategy based on shifted windows is designed for such descriptors to effectively measure the template-search contextual similarity. Furthermore, we introduce a target-specific transformer and a spatial-aware orientation encoder to exploit the target-aware information in the most contextually relevant template points, thereby enhancing the search feature for a better target proposal. We conduct extensive experiments to verify the merits of our proposed CMT and report a series of new state-of-the-art records on three widely-adopted datasets."

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