Accelerating Score-Based Generative Models with Preconditioned Diffusion Sampling

Hengyuan Ma, Li Zhang, Xiatian Zhu, Jianfeng Feng ;


"Score-based generative models (SGMs) have recently emerged as a promising class of generative models. However, a fundamental limitation is that their inference is very slow due to a need for many (e.g., 2000) iterations of sequential computations. An intuitive acceleration method is to reduce the sampling iterations which however causes severe performance degradation. We investigate this problem by viewing the diffusion sampling process as a Metropolis adjusted Langevin algorithm, which helps reveal the underlying cause to be ill-conditioned curvature. Under this insight, we propose a model-agnostic preconditioned diffusion sampling (PDS) method that leverages matrix preconditioning to alleviate the aforementioned problem. Crucially, PDS is proven theoretically to converge to the original target distribution of a SGM, no need for retraining. Extensive experiments on three image datasets with a variety of resolutions and diversity validate that PDS consistently accelerates off-the-shelf SGMs whilst maintaining the synthesis quality. In particular, PDS can accelerate by up to 29x on more challenging high resolution (1024x1024) image generation."

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