PersFormer: 3D Lane Detection via Perspective Transformer and the OpenLane Benchmark

Li Chen, Chonghao Sima, Yang Li, Zehan Zheng, Jiajie Xu, Xiangwei Geng, Hongyang Li, Conghui He, Jianping Shi, Yu Qiao, Junchi Yan ;


"Methods for 3D lane detection have been recently proposed to address the issue of inaccurate lane layouts in many autonomous driving scenarios (uphill/downhill, bump, etc.). Previous work struggled in complex cases due to their simple designs of the spatial transformation between front view and bird’s eye view (BEV) and the lack of a realistic dataset. Towards these issues, we present PersFormer: an end-to-end monocular 3D lane detector with a novel Transformer-based spatial feature transformation module. Our model generates BEV features by attending to related front-view local regions with camera parameters as a reference. PersFormer adopts a unified 2D/3D anchor design and an auxiliary task to detect 2D/3D lanes simultaneously, enhancing the feature consistency and sharing the benefits of multi-task learning. Moreover, we release one of the first large-scale real-world 3D lane datasets: OpenLane, with high-quality annotation and scenario diversity. OpenLane contains 200,000 frames, over 880,000 instance-level lanes, 14 lane categories, along with scene tags and the closed-in-path object annotations to encourage the development of lane detection and more industrial-related autonomous driving methods. We show that PersFormer significantly outperforms competitive baselines in the 3D lane detection task on our new OpenLane dataset as well as Apollo 3D Lane Synthetic dataset, and is also on par with state-of-the-art algorithms in the 2D task on OpenLane. The project page is available at and OpenLane dataset is provided at"

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