Graph R-CNN: Towards Accurate 3D Object Detection with Semantic-Decorated Local Graph

Honghui Yang, Zili Liu, Xiaopei Wu, Wenxiao Wang, Wei Qian, Xiaofei He, Deng Cai ;


"Two-stage detectors have gained much popularity in 3D object detection. Most two-stage 3D detectors utilize grid points, voxel grids, or sampled keypoints for RoI feature extraction in the second stage. Such methods, however, are inefficient in handling unevenly distributed and sparse outdoor points. This paper solves this problem in three aspects. 1) Dynamic Point Aggregation. We propose the patch search to quickly search points in a local region for each 3D proposal. The dynamic farthest voxel sampling is then applied to evenly sample the points. Especially, the voxel size varies along the distance to accommodate the uneven distribution of points. 2) RoI-graph Pooling. We build local graphs on the sampled points to better model contextual information and mine point relations through iterative message passing. 3) Visual Features Augmentation. We introduce a simple yet effective fusion strategy to compensate for sparse LiDAR points with limited semantic cues. Based on these modules, we construct our Graph R-CNN as the second stage, which can be applied to existing one-stage detectors to consistently improve the detection performance. Extensive experiments show that Graph R-CNN outperforms the state-of-the-art 3D detection models by a large margin on both the KITTI and Waymo Open Dataset. And we rank first place on the KITTI BEV car detection leaderboard."

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