LaTeRF: Label and Text Driven Object Radiance Fields

Ashkan Mirzaei, Yash Kant, Jonathan Kelly, Igor Gilitschenski ;


"Obtaining 3D object representations is important for creating photo-realistic simulators and collecting assets for AR/VR applications. Neural fields have shown their effectiveness in learning a continuous volumetric representation of a scene from 2D images, but acquiring object representations from these models with weak supervision remains an open challenge. In this paper we introduce LaTeRF, a method for extracting an object of interest from a scene given 2D images of the entire scene and known camera poses, a natural language description of the object, and a small number of point-labels of object and non-object points in the input images. To faithfully extract the object from the scene, LaTeRF extends the NeRF formulation with an additional ‘objectness’ probability at each 3D point. Additionally, we leverage the rich latent space of a pre-trained CLIP model combined with our differentiable object renderer, to inpaint the occluded parts of the object. We demonstrate high-fidelity object extraction on both synthetic and real datasets and justify our design choices through an extensive ablation study."

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