Few-Shot Video Object Detection

Qi Fan, Chi-Keung Tang, Yu-Wing Tai ;


We introduce Few-Shot Video Object Detection (FSVOD) with three contributions to visual learning in our highly diverse and dynamic world: 1) a large-scale video dataset FSVOD-500 comprising of 500 classes with class-balanced videos in each category for few-shot learning; 2) a novel Tube Proposal Network (TPN) to generate high-quality video tube proposals for aggregating feature representation for the target video object which can be highly dynamic; 3) a strategically improved Temporal Matching Network (TMN+) for matching representative query tube features with better discriminative ability thus achieving higher diversity. Our TPN and TMN+ are jointly and end-to-end trained. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our method produces significantly better detection results on two few-shot video object detection datasets compared to image-based methods and other naive video-based extensions. Codes and datasets are released at https://github.com/fanq15/FewX.

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