A Style-Based GAN Encoder for High Fidelity Reconstruction of Images and Videos

Xu Yao, Alasdair Newson, Yann Gousseau, Pierre Hellier ;


"We present a new encoder architecture for GAN inversion. The task is to reconstruct a real image from the latent space of a pre-trained Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). Unlike previous encoder-based methods which predict only a latent code from a real image, the proposed encoder maps the given image to both a latent code and a feature tensor, simultaneously. The feature tensor is key for accurate inversion, which helps to obtain better perceptual quality and lower reconstruction error. We conduct extensive experiments for several style-based generators pre-trained on different data domains. Our method is the first feed-forward encoder to include the feature tensor in the inversion, outperforming the state-of-the-art encoder-based methods for GAN inversion. Additionally, experiments on video inversion show that our method yields a more accurate and stable inversion for videos. This offers the possibility to perform real-time editing in videos."

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