QISTA-ImageNet: A Deep Compressive Image Sensing Framework Solving lq-Norm Optimization Problem

Gang-Xuan Lin, Shih-Wei Hu, Chun-Shien Lu ;


"In this paper, we study how to reconstruct the original images from the given sensed samples/measurements by proposing a so-called deep compressive image sensing framework. This framework, dubbed QISTA-ImageNet, is built upon a deep neural network to realize our optimization algorithm QISTA (Lq-ISTA) in solving image recovery problem. The unique characteristics of QISTA-ImageNet are that we (1) introduce a generalized proximal operator and present learning-based proximal gradient descent (PGD) together with an iterative algorithm in reconstructing images, (2) analyze how QISTA-ImageNet can exhibit better solutions compared to state-of-the-art methods and interpret clearly the insight of proposed method, and (3) conduct empirical comparisons with state-of-the-art methods to demonstrate that QISTA-ImageNet exhibits the best performance in terms of image reconstruction quality to solve the Lq-norm optimization problem."

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