ColorFormer: Image Colorization via Color Memory Assisted Hybrid-Attention Transformer

Xiaozhong Ji, Boyuan Jiang, Donghao Luo, Guangpin Tao, Wenqing Chu, Zhifeng Xie, Chengjie Wang, Ying Tai ;


"Automatic image colorization is a challenging task that attracts a lot of research interest. Previous methods employing deep neural networks have produced impressive results. However, these colorization images are still unsatisfactory and far from practical applications. The reason is that semantic consistency and color richness are two key elements ignored by existing methods. In this work, we propose an automatic image colorization method via color memory assisted hybrid-attention transformer, namely ColorFormer. Our network consists of a transformer-based encoder and a color memory decoder. The core module of the encoder is our proposed global-local hybrid attention operation, which improves the ability to capture global receptive field dependencies. With the strong power to model contextual semantic information of grayscale image in different scenes, our network can produce semantic-consistent colorization results. In decoder part, we design a color memory module which stores various semantic-color mapping for image-adaptive queries. The queried color priors are used as reference to help the decoder produce more vivid and diverse results. Experimental results show that our method can generate more realistic and semantically matched color images compared with state-of-the-art methods. Moreover, owing to the proposed end-to-end architecture, the inference speed reaches 40FPS on a V100 GPU, which meets the real-time requirement."

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