Learning Graph Neural Networks for Image Style Transfer

Yongcheng Jing, Yining Mao, Yiding Yang, Yibing Zhan, Mingli Song, Xinchao Wang, Dacheng Tao ;


"State-of-the-art parametric and non-parametric style transfer approaches are prone to either distorted local style patterns due to global statistics alignment, or unpleasing artifacts resulting from patch mismatching. In this paper, we study a novel semi-parametric neural style transfer framework that alleviates the deficiency of both parametric and non-parametric stylization. The core idea of our approach is to establish accurate and fine-grained content-style correspondences using graph neural networks (GNNs). To this end, we develop an elaborated GNN model with content and style local patches as the graph vertices. The style transfer procedure is then modeled as the attention-based heterogeneous message passing between the style and content nodes in a learnable manner, leading to adaptive many-to-one style-content correlations at the local patch level. In addition, an elaborated deformable graph convolutional operation is introduced for cross-scale style-content matching. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed semi-parametric image stylization approach yields encouraging results on the challenging style patterns, preserving both global appearance and exquisite details. Furthermore, by controlling the number of edges at the inference stage, the proposed method also triggers novel functionalities like diversified patch-based stylization with a single model."

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