A Closer Look at Invariances in Self-Supervised Pre-training for 3D Vision

Lanxiao Li, Michael Heizmann ;


"Self-supervised pre-training for 3D vision has drawn increasing research interest in recent years. In order to learn informative representations, a lot of previous works exploit invariances of 3D data, e.g., perspective-invariance between views of the same scene, modality-invariance between depth and RGB images, format-invariance between point clouds and voxels. Although they have achieved promising results, previous researches lack a systematic and fair comparison of these invariances. To address this issue, our work, for the first time, introduces a unified framework, into which previous works fit. Based on the framework, we conduct extensive experiments and provide a closer look at the invariances in 3D pre-training. Also, we propose a simple but effective method that jointly pre-trains a 3D encoder and a depth map encoder using contrastive learning. Models pre-trained with our method gain significant performance boost in downstream tasks. For instance, a pre-trained VoteNet outperforms previous methods on SUN RGB-D and ScanNet object detection benchmarks with a clear margin."

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