ReCoNet: Recurrent Correction Network for Fast and Efficient Multi-Modality Image Fusion

Zhanbo Huang, Jinyuan Liu, Xin Fan, Risheng Liu, Wei Zhong, Zhongxuan Luo ;


"Recent advances in deep networks have gained great attention in infrared and visible image fusion (IVIF). Nevertheless, most existing methods are incapable of dealing with slight misalignment on source images and suffer from high computational and spatial expenses. This paper tackles these two critical issues rarely touched in the community by developing a recurrent correction network for robust and efficient fusion, namely ReCoNet. Concretely, we design a deformation module to explicitly compensate geometrical distortions and an attention mechanism to mitigate ghosting-like artifacts, respectively. Meanwhile, the network consists of a parallel dilated convolutional layer and runs in a recurrent fashion, significantly reducing both spatial and computational complexities. ReCoNet can effectively and efficiently alleviates both structural distortions and textural artifacts brought by slight misalignment. Extensive experiments on two public datasets demonstrate the superior accuracy and efficacy of our ReCoNet against the state-of-the-art IVIF methods. Consequently, we obtain a 16% relative improvement of CC on datasets with misalignment and boost the efficiency by 86%. The source code is available at"

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