Towards Efficient and Scale-Robust Ultra-High-Definition Image Demoiréing

Xin Yu, Peng Dai, Wenbo Li, Lan Ma, Jiajun Shen, Jia Li, Xiaojuan Qi ;


"With the rapid development of mobile devices, modern widely-used mobile phones typically allow users to capture 4K resolution (i.e., ultra-high-definition) images. However, for image demoiréing, a challenging task in low-level vision, existing works are generally carried out on low-resolution or synthetic images. Hence, the effectiveness of these methods on 4K resolution images is still unknown. In this paper, we explore moiré pattern removal for ultra-high-definition images. To this end, we propose the first ultra-high-definition demoiréing dataset (UHDM), which contains 5,000 real-world 4K resolution image pairs, and conduct a benchmark study on current state-of-the-art methods. Further, we present an efficient baseline model ESDNet for tackling 4K moiré images, wherein we build a semantic-aligned scale-aware module to address the scale variation of moiré patterns. Extensive experiments manifest the effectiveness of our approach, which outperforms state-of-the-art methods by a large margin while being much more lightweight. Code and dataset are available at"

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