FurryGAN: High Quality Foreground-Aware Image Synthesis

Jeongmin Bae, Mingi Kwon, Youngjung Uh ;


"Foreground-aware image synthesis aims to generate images as well as their foreground masks. A common approach is to formulate an image as a masked blending of a foreground image and a background image. It is a challenging problem because it is prone to reach the trivial solution where either image overwhelms the other, i.e., the masks become completely full or empty, and the foreground and background are not meaningfully separated. We present FurryGAN with three key components: 1) imposing both the foreground image and the composite image to be realistic, 2) designing a mask as a combination of coarse and fine masks, and 3) guiding the generator by an auxiliary mask predictor in the discriminator. Our method produces realistic images with remarkably detailed alpha masks which cover hair, fur, and whiskers in a fully unsupervised manner. Project page: \href{https://jeongminb.github.io/FurryGAN/}{https://jeongminb.github.io/FurryGAN/}"

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