Backbone Is All Your Need: A Simplified Architecture for Visual Object Tracking

Boyu Chen, Peixia Li, Lei Bai, Lei Qiao, Qiuhong Shen, Bo Li, Weihao Gan, Wei Wu, Wanli Ouyang ;


"Exploiting a general-purpose neural architecture to replace hand-wired designs or inductive biases has recently drawn extensive interest. However, existing tracking approaches rely on customized sub-modules and need prior knowledge for architecture selection, hindering the development of tracking in a more general system. This paper presents a Simplified Tracking architecture (SimTrack) by leveraging a transformer backbone for joint feature extraction and interaction. Unlike existing Siamese trackers, we serialize the input images and concatenate them directly before the one-branch backbone. Feature interaction in the backbone helps to remove well-designed interaction modules and produce a more efficient and effective framework. To reduce the information loss from down-sampling in vision transformers, we further propose a foveal window strategy, providing more diverse input patches with acceptable computational costs. Our SimTrack improves the baseline with 2.5%/2.6% AUC gains on LaSOT/TNL2K and gets results competitive with other specialized tracking algorithms without bells and whistles. The source codes are available at"

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