Facial Depth and Normal Estimation Using Single Dual-Pixel Camera

Minjun Kang, Jaesung Choe, Hyowon Ha, Hae-Gon Jeon, Sunghoon Im, In So Kweon, Kuk-Jin Yoon ;


"Recently, Dual-Pixel (DP) sensors have been adopted in many imaging devices. However, despite their various advantages, DP sensors are used just for faster auto-focus and aesthetic image captures, and research on their usage for 3D facial understanding has been limited due to the lack of datasets and algorithmic designs that exploit parallax in DP images. It is also because the baseline of sub-aperture images is extremely narrow, and parallax exists in the defocus blur region. In this paper, we introduce a DP-oriented Depth/Normal estimation network that reconstructs the 3D facial geometry. In addition, to train the network, we collect DP facial data with more than 135K images for 101 persons captured with our multi-camera structured light systems. It contains ground-truth 3D facial models including depth map and surface normal in metric scale. Our dataset allows the proposed network to be generalized for 3D facial depth/normal estimation. The proposed network consists of two novel modules: Adaptive Sampling Module (ASM) and Adaptive Normal Module (ANM), which are specialized in handling the defocus blur in DP images. Finally, we demonstrate that the proposed method achieves state-of-the-art performances over recent DP-based depth/normal estimation methods."

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