FingerprintNet: Synthesized Fingerprints for Generated Image Detection

Yonghyun Jeong, Doyeon Kim, Youngmin Ro, Pyounggeon Kim, Jongwon Choi ;


"While recent advances in generative models benefit the society, the generated images can be abused for malicious purposes, like fraud, defamation, and false news. To prevent such cases, vigorous research is conducted on distinguishing the generated images from the real ones, but challenges still remain with detecting the unseen generated images outside of the training settings. To overcome this problem, we analyze the distinctive characteristic of the generated images called ‘fingerprints,’ and propose a new framework to reproduce diverse types of fingerprints generated by various generative models. By training the model with the real images only, our framework can avoid data dependency on particular generative models and enhance generalization. With the mathematical derivation that the fingerprint is emphasized at the frequency domain, we design a generated image detector for effective training of the fingerprints. Our framework outperforms the prior state-of-the-art detectors, even though only real images are used for training. We also provide new benchmark datasets to demonstrate the model’s robustness using the images of the latest anti-artifact generative models for reducing the spectral discrepancies."

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