"CHORE: Contact, Human and Object REconstruction from a Single RGB Image"

Xianghui Xie, Bharat Lal Bhatnagar, Gerard Pons-Moll ;


"Most prior works in perceiving 3D humans from images reason human in isolation without their surroundings. However, humans are constantly interacting with the surrounding objects, thus calling for models that can reason about not only the human but also the object and their interaction. The problem is extremely challenging due to heavy occlusions between humans and objects, diverse interaction types and depth ambiguity. In this paper, we introduce CHORE, a novel method that learns to jointly reconstruct the human and the object from a single RGB image. CHORE takes inspiration from recent advances in implicit surface learning and classical model-based fitting. We compute a neural reconstruction of human and object represented implicitly with two unsigned distance fields, a correspondence field to a parametric body and an object pose field. This allows us to robustly fit a parametric body model and a 3D object template, while reasoning about interactions. Furthermore, prior pixel-aligned implicit learning methods use synthetic data and make assumptions that are not met in the real data. We propose a elegant depth-aware scaling that allows more efficient shape learning on real data. Experiments show that our joint reconstruction learned with the proposed strategy significantly outperforms the SOTA. Our code and models are available at https://virtualhumans.mpi-inf.mpg.de/chore"

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