Affine Correspondences between Multi-Camera Systems for 6DOF Relative Pose Estimation

Banglei Guan, Ji Zhao ;


"We present a novel method to compute the 6DOF relative pose of multi-camera systems using two affine correspondences (ACs). Existing solutions to the multi-camera relative pose estimation are either restricted to special cases of motion, have too high computational complexity, or require too many point correspondences (PCs). Thus, these solvers impede an efficient or accurate relative pose estimation when applying RANSAC as a robust estimator. This paper shows that the relative pose estimation problem using ACs permits a feasible minimal solution, when exploiting the geometric constraints between ACs and multi-camera systems using a special parameterization. We present a problem formulation based on two ACs that encompass two common types of ACs across two views, i.e., inter-camera and intra-camera. Experiments on both virtual and real multi-camera systems prove that the proposed solvers are more efficient than the state-of-the-art algorithms, while resulting in a better relative pose accuracy. Source code is available at"

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