UniCR: Universally Approximated Certified Robustness via Randomized Smoothing

Hanbin Hong, Binghui Wang, Yuan Hong ;


"We study certified robustness of machine learning classifiers against adversarial perturbations. In particular, we propose the first universally approximated certified robustness (UniCR) framework, which can approximate the robustness certification of \emph{any} input on \emph{any} classifier against \emph{any} $\ell_p$ perturbations with noise generated by \emph{any} continuous probability distribution. Compared with the state-of-the-art certified defenses, UniCR provides many significant benefits: (1) the first universal robustness certification framework for the above 4 “any”s; (2) automatic robustness certification that avoids case-by-case analysis, (3) tightness validation of certified robustness, and (4) optimality validation of noise distributions used by randomized smoothing. We conduct extensive experiments to validate the above benefits of UniCR and the advantages of UniCR over state-of-the-art certified defenses against $\ell_p$ perturbations."

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