IntegratedPIFu: Integrated Pixel Aligned Implicit Function for Single-View Human Reconstruction

Kennard Yanting Chan, Guosheng Lin, Haiyu Zhao, Weisi Lin ;


"We propose IntegratedPIFu, a new pixel-aligned implicit model that builds on the foundation set by PIFuHD. IntegratedPIFu shows how depth and human parsing information can be predicted and capitalized upon in a pixel-aligned implicit model. In addition, IntegratedPIFu introduces depth-oriented sampling, a novel training scheme that improve any pixel-aligned implicit model’s ability to reconstruct important human features without noisy artefacts. Lastly, IntegratedPIFu presents a new architecture that, despite using less model parameters than PIFuHD, is able to improves the structural correctness of reconstructed meshes. Our results show that IntegratedPIFu significantly outperforms existing state-of-the-arts methods on single-view human reconstruction. We provide the code in our supplementary materials. Our code is available at"

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