CXR Segmentation by AdaIN-Based Domain Adaptation and Knowledge Distillation

Yujin Oh, Jong Chul Ye ;


"As segmentation labels are scarce, extensive researches have been conducted to train segmentation networks with domain adaptation, semi-supervised or self-supervised learning techniques to utilize abun- dant unlabeled dataset. However, these approaches appear different from each other, so it is not clear how these approaches can be combined for better performance. Inspired by recent multi-domain image translation approaches, here we propose a novel segmentation framework using adap- tive instance normalization (AdaIN), so that a single generator is trained to perform both domain adaptation and semi-supervised segmentation tasks via knowledge distillation by simply changing task-specific AdaIN codes. Specifically, our framework is designed to deal with difficult situ- ations in chest X-ray radiograph (CXR) segmentation, where labels are only available for normal data, but trained model should be applied to both normal and abnormal data. The proposed network demonstrates great generalizability under domain shift and achieves the state-of-the- art performance for abnormal CXR segmentation."

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