Style Your Hair: Latent Optimization for Pose-Invariant Hairstyle Transfer via Local-Style-Aware Hair Alignment

Taewoo Kim, Chaeyeon Chung, Yoonseo Kim, Sunghyun Park, Kangyeol Kim, Jaegul Choo ;


"Editing hairstyle is unique and challenging due to the complexity and delicacy of hairstyle. Although recent approaches significantly improved the hair details, these models often produce undesirable outputs when a pose of a source image is considerably different from that of a target hair image, limiting their real-world applications. HairFIT, a pose-invariant hairstyle transfer model, alleviates this limitation yet still shows unsatisfactory quality in preserving delicate hair textures. To solve these limitations, we propose a high-performing pose-invariant hairstyle transfer model equipped with latent optimization and a newly presented local-style-matching loss. In the StyleGAN2 latent space, we first explore a pose-aligned latent code of a target hair with the detailed textures preserved based on local style matching. Then, our model inpaints the occlusions of the source considering the aligned target hair and blends both images to produce a final output. The experimental results demonstrate that our model has strengths in transferring a hairstyle under larger pose differences and preserving local hairstyle textures. The codes are available at"

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