Projective Parallel Single-Pixel Imaging to Overcome Global Illumination in 3D Structure Light Scanning

Yuxi Li, Huijie Zhao, Hongzhi Jiang, Xudong Li ;


"We consider robust and efficient 3D structure light scanning method in situations dominated by global illumination. One typical way of solving this problem is via the analysis of 4D light transport coefficients (LTCs), which contains complete information for a projector-camera pair, and is a 4D data set. However, the process of capturing LTCs generally takes long time. We present projective parallel single-pixel imaging (pPSI), wherein the 4D LTCs are reduced to multiple projection functions to facilitate a highly efficient data capture process. We introduce local maximum constraint, which provides necessary condition for the location of correspondence matching points when projection functions are captured. Local slice extension method is introduced to further accelerate the capture of projection functions. We study the influence of scan ratio in local slice extension method on the accuracy of the correspondence matching points, and conclude that partial scanning is enough for satisfactory results. Our discussions and experiments include three typical kinds of global illuminations: inter-reflections, subsurface scattering, and step edge fringe aliasing. The proposed method is validated in several challenging scenarios."

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