Zero-Shot Attribute Attacks on Fine-Grained Recognition Models

Nasim Shafiee, Ehsan Elhamifar ;


"Zero-shot fine-grained recognition is an important classification task, whose goal is to recognize visually very similar classes, including the ones without training images. Despite recent advances on the development of zero-shot fine-grained recognition methods, the robustness of such models to adversarial attacks is not well understood. On the other hand, adversarial attacks have been widely studied for conventional classification with visually distinct classes. Such attacks, in particular, universal perturbations that are class-agnostic and ideally should generalize to unseen classes, however, cannot leverage or capture small distinctions among fine-grained classes. Therefore, we propose a compositional attribute-based framework for generating adversarial attacks on zero-shot fine-grained recognition models. To generate attacks that capture small differences between fine-grained classes, generalize well to previously unseen classes and can be applied in real-time, we propose to learn and compose multiple attribute-based universal perturbations (AUPs). Each AUP corresponds to an image-agnostic perturbation on a specific attribute. To build our attack, we compose AUPs with weights obtained by learning a class-attribute compatibility function. To learn the AUPs and the parameters of our model, we minimize a loss, consisting of a ranking loss and a novel utility loss, which ensures AUPs are effectively learned and utilized. By extensive experiments on three datasets for zero-shot fine-grained recognition, we show that our attacks outperform conventional universal classification attacks and transfer well between different recognition architectures."

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