PoserNet: Refining Relative Camera Poses Exploiting Object Detections

Matteo Taiana, Matteo Toso, Stuart James, Alessio Del Bue ;


"The estimation of the camera poses associated with a set of images commonly relies on feature matches between the images. In contrast, we are the first to address this challenge by using objectness regions to guide the pose estimation problem rather than explicit semantic object detections. We propose Pose Refiner Network (PoserNet) a light-weight Graph Neural Network to refine the approximate pair-wise relative camera poses. PoserNet exploits associations between the objectness regions - concisely expressed as bounding boxes - across multiple views to globally refine sparsely connected view graphs. We evaluate on the 7-Scenes dataset across varied sizes of graphs and show how this process can be beneficial to optimization-based motion averaging algorithms improving the median error on the rotation by 62 degrees with respect to the initial estimates obtained based on bounding boxes. Code and data are available at https://github.com/IIT-PAVIS/PoserNet."

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