Trapped in Texture Bias? A Large Scale Comparison of Deep Instance Segmentation

Johannes Theodoridis, Jessica Hofmann, Johannes Maucher, Andreas Schilling ;


"Do deep learning models for instance segmentation generalize to novel objects in a systematic way? For classification, such behavior has been questioned. In this study, we aim to understand if certain design decisions such as framework, architecture or pre-training contribute to the semantic understanding of instance segmentation. To answer this question, we consider a special case of robustness and compare pre-trained models on a challenging benchmark for object-centric out-of-distribution texture. We do not introduce another method in this work. Instead, we take a step back and evaluate a broad range of existing literature. This includes Cascade and Mask R-CNN, Swin Transformer, BMask, YOLACT(++), DETR, BCNet, SOTR and SOLOv2. We find that YOLACT++, SOTR and SOLOv2 are significantly more robust to out-of-distribution texture than other frameworks. In addition, we show that deeper and dynamic architectures improve robustness whereas training schedules, data augmentation and pre-training have only a minor impact. In summary we evaluate 68 models on 61 versions of MS COCO for a total of 4148 evaluations."

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