Metric Learning Based Interactive Modulation for Real-World Super-Resolution

Chong Mou, Yanze Wu, Xintao Wang, Chao Dong, Jian Zhang, Ying Shan ;


"Interactive image restoration aims to restore images by adjusting several controlling coefficients, which determine the restoration strength. Existing methods are restricted in learning the controllable functions under the supervision of known degradation types and levels. They usually suffer from a severe performance drop when the real degradation is different from their assumptions. Such a limitation is due to the complexity of real-world degradations, which can not provide explicit supervision to the interactive modulation during training. However, how to realize the interactive modulation in real-world super-resolution has not yet been studied. In this work, we present a Metric Learning based Interactive Modulation for Real-World \Super-Resolution (MM-RealSR). Specifically, we propose an unsupervised degradation estimation strategy to estimate the degradation level in real-world scenarios. Instead of using known degradation levels as explicit supervision to the interactive mechanism, we propose a metric learning strategy to map the unquantifiable degradation levels in real-world scenarios to a metric space, which is trained in an unsupervised manner. Moreover, we introduce an anchor point strategy in the metric learning process to normalize the distribution of metric space. Extensive experiments demonstrate that the proposed MM-RealSR achieves excellent modulation and restoration performance in real-world super-resolution. Codes are available at"

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