Conference/Workshop organizers can apply at the European Computer Vision Association (ECVA) for Sponsorship under following conditions:
  1. An informal application has to be done before the conference and must be submitted to the ECVA executive board. The board will make a decision within one month.
  2. The Workshop/Conference has to have a clear computer vision focus
  3. The event is held in Europe
  4. When sponsorship is received all conference material has to include the ECVA logo, the webpage has to link to the ECVA page
  5. The typical amount of sponsorship is bellow € 10.000
  6. Sponsorship can be used for:
  7. a. Invited Speakers
    b. Student Travel grants
    c. Awards
    The application has to provide details about the usage of the sponsoring.
  8. After the event a report about the event including a financial statement must be provided. Sponsor money that has not be used must be returned.